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AwningDo you have a beautiful deck or patio that you don’t use as often as you’d like? Maybe a hot tub you don’t enjoy sitting in when it’s raining. Could you use a little more outdoor space that’s protected from the elements?

The solution: A Jackson Sun Stopper retractable awning. It will create a comfortable outdoor living space while you enjoy shade from the hot sun or cover from the cool rain.

awningsAwnings in general, greatly enhance the look of your home by adding appeal, colour and dimension. In addition, they provide great energy savings and protect your furniture, floors and carpets from fading. The benefits of retractable awnings are that you can pull them out for sun shade or rain cover, but then pull them in to allow for more sunlight or just to view the night sky.

Jackson’s retractable awnings are great for patios, decks, fronts of buildings or anywhere else you might have people congregate. They are available in a wide variety of gorgeous fabrics and colours. And you can operate them manually or have them motorized. Motors allow you to quickly extend or retract the awning with minimal effort.

An added option is the Sun/Wind control which has a built-in sun sensor which will automatically open the awning when the sun comes out, and a wind sensor which will automatically retract your awing in high winds. If blocking out the sun’s rays and heat is not an issue, a wind control sensor can be ordered on its own.


Whether you want added living space, protection from the elements or a way to reduce energy costs, SunStopper Awnings are the ultimate shading system available.

SunStopper AwningsUsed for many years in Europe, this state-of-the-art awning fabric seam joining system is now available in Canada. SunStopper™ Awnings are the first major awning manufacturer in Canada to incorporate this state-of-the-art fabric adhesive technology. All seams and hems, with the exception of the header rod seams, are bonded. The header rod seam is sewn using PTFE thread.

Stronger Seams and Hems

The bonded seams are stronger than the surrounding fabric. The fabric will rip before the seam will fail.

Proven Durability

The harsh cold of Canadian winters does not effect the seam strength.

Sunstopper AwningsLess Visible Seams and Hems

Without the use of thread, welded seams are almost invisible. Threads can never quite match all the colour variations in stripe fabrics, with welding this is no longer a concern.

FabricFlatter Seams and Hems

With bonded seams there is less sag created by seam thickness.

Reduced Fabric Fraying

The fabric is cut using Ultra sonic cutters and is further sealed during the bonding process.

Less Leakage

With bonded seams there are no holes in the fabric caused by the sewing needles.

Heavy Duty ArmsHeavy Duty Arms

Larissa and Cantina have heavy duty arms with a stainless steel triplex chain that won’t stretch and brass bushings at the shoulder joint. Arms that are engineered to last.

Quick Pitch ControlQPC – Quick Pitch Control

The QPC option allows you to use a simple hand crank to adjust the pitch of your awning whenever you want. QPC allows you to keep the sun out without the need for a ladder or special tools. With the QPC, each side adjusts independently allowing you to adjust for your unique sun control needs.

Quick Pitch is not available on Cross arm or Cantina Awnings. We do not recommend QPC on awnings with more than 2 arms or commercial installations.

SunStopper™ Drop Shade

Maximize your outdoor living enjoyment by installing a SunStopper Drop Shade. These shades gracefully blend in with the exterior beauty of any business or home and offer protection from the sun while reducing energy costs.

SunStopper drop shades effectively filter the sun’s light, creating a cool and relaxing environment. Solar heat gain is greatly reduced by limiting the amount of direct and indirect sunlight that enters a window or door. The use of drop shades will reduce solar heat gain by up to 77% and lower indoor temperatures by 10-15 degrees.

SunStopper drop shades can be used on the outside of windows to protect your interior living spaces from the harmful effects of the sun. They are also perfect sun control for around decks, patios and pools making your outdoor living spaces more comfortable.

Shade where you need it!

SunStopper Drop Shade

All of our awnings can be motorized by Somfy.


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