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Many thanks for the wonderful job you did on measuring and installing new roller shades for us at Bowen Island. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is a professional and tidy and on time. The roller screens have given our home a fresh and updated look.

Barbara on Bowen Island


Window shades usually refer to a fabric type of window covering. Available as rollers, cellulars, pleated, romans, sheer, partial-sheer and woven woods, horizontal or vertical window shades will soften up any windows, adding style and elegance to any room.


Cellular ShadesLoss of energy through windows can account for 10 – 20% of a home's heating and cooling costs. Cellular blinds are the most energy efficient window treatments for your home, and come in a variety of beautiful fabrics and colours that will easily blend and coordinate with your existing room décor.

The unique hexagonal cell construction (honeycomb shape) provides substantial insulation, as it traps air, keeping your rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

A practical and affordable alternative to real wood blinds, faux wood blinds offer the beauty and feel of wood, with the durability of PVC.

They are easy to clean and maintain, and will not fade, warp or crack. Their water and UV resistance makes them a great fit for windows exposed to moisture and humidity and are sun-perfect for our unpredictable Canadian climate!

Pleated ShadesPleated shades consist of a single layer of folded fabric (pleat) that filters light and provides privacy when drawn closed. Also manufactured in a wide variety of colours and fabrics, the even fold of the pleated shade creates a clean uniform presentation which adds softness and dimension to any room.

If energy efficiency or keeping out light are factors, these shades are also available with liners. Their unique feature allows them to be made in a variety of window shapes including angled and arched windows.

Ever versatile, both cellular and pleated shades can be manufactured for skylights and include options such as top-down/bottom-up, cordless, continuous cordloop and automation.

Cellular Shades Pleated Shades


Sheer window shadesThese shades offer the privacy of a window shade, the softened view of a sheer, and the light control and versatility of horizontal blinds all in one beautifully elegant product. They consist of horizontal fabric vanes that float between 2 sheer fabric facings to soften the view looking outwards while obstructing the view looking inwards, yet allowing natural light to flood in.

Sheer shades close upWhen fully lowered, the vanes can be tilted open for more light and view, or closed for total privacy, or anywhere in between. There are no lift cords or tapes to distract the view.

These shades are available in a 2" or 3" vane length and in a variety of both light filtering and room darkening fabrics.

Where else can you combine the advantage of draperies, blinds and shades all in one unique and fabulous product?

Sheer shades in entranceway


classic roman shadesRoman shades combine the softness, warmth and rich texture of drapery material with the tailored look and convenient operation of shades.

The Classic Style adds beauty and dimension to any room as it consists of a single layer of fine quality fabric tiered in set intervals (tear drop), which when raised, creates a stylish fabric valance.

Flat Roman ShadesThe more contemporary Flat Style is a subtle approach to the Classic. When it is lowered, the fabric is smooth and clean, but when raised, creates the same stylish valance.

The Flat Style can be manufactured as a traditional top-down only, or with the added option of bottom-up.

Both Styles are available in designer fabrics and solar shade fabrics. However, only the designer fabrics offer blackout and light filtering options.

Add a luxurious 3 1/2" smooth NOVO wood valance or a 4" Rope Cornice wood valance for an elegant design that will enhance the look of your Roman Shades.

Roman Shades in Kitchen


Roller shades are a simple, classic treatment that have stood the test of time. They consist of a single layer of fabric that raises up into a roll. They are versatile enough for formal livingrooms to casual play areas and everything in between.

They can very easily be combined with other window treatments to give the perfect coverage, light allowance, and energy efficiency desired. Roller shades basically come in 2 different types of fabrics, screen fabrics and designer fabrics.

Roller - Solar Shades in OfficeWith a little sun management, natural light can be a beautiful design element. This is where screen fabrics, or solar fabrics, come in.

To make any room a more comfortable environment, the light filtering qualities of sun control fabrics diffuse light, reduce glare, and help control interior temperatures. As these fabrics filter and diffuse light, they also help reduce the fading of textiles and interior furnishings.

Solar shade fabrics effectively provide energy efficient solutions by reducing the amount of solar heat gain. They are manufactured in a huge range of popular sun-filtering designs, colours, textures and degrees of openness.

Designer roller shades in kitchenDesigner fabric shades are manufactured with traditional pattern fabrics, weaves, textures and elegant designs that will satisfy even the fussiest palate. There are various degrees of light filtering and room darkening fabrics available.

All roller shades, whether solar or designer, can start with the simple, and be dressed up through various options such as cassette valances, 3 1/2" or 4" wood valances, fabric valances or coloured aluminum fascia. Different fringe colours, hem styles and hem bars can also add style to any shade.

Various other options such as the dual shade system, room darkening liners, and automation are available.

solar coloured shades


Footprints vertical cellular shadesMove over verticals, Habitat's Footprints Longitudes Vertical Cellular Shades offer the perfect alternative when searching for options for sliding glass door window treatments or looking for a room divider. The Footprints Longitudes cellular shade system is light weight and slides back and forth on its stylish track system with the push of a finger.

Footprints Longitudes vertical shade's fluid-like operating system is engineered to cover wide expanses of window while still providing effortless operation and minimal stacking of fabric.

These shades can be custom ordered as a one-way stack, center stack, or split stack (center opening). Available in 3/4" fabrics in semi-sheer, semi-opaque and room darkening patterns, Footprints Longitudes vertical shades offer incredible light control and are ideal for lifestyles that involve shift work.

Standing alone or paired with Footprints horizontal cellular shades, this window covering adds sophistication and dimension to any room.

Footprints longitudes cellular shades in kitchen

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